What is TerminalFlower.com?

TerminalFlower.com is an online meeting place of Nurseries, gardeners, green contractors, where they can sell and buy plants, nurseries and gardening equipment and materials.


This is a wholesale electronic platform that unites and connects both the production units to retailers and service providers from different geographical areas.


The platform is multilingual and promotes products to sell beyond the local limits of any business.


TerminalFlower.com overcomes the difficulties of supply and distribution of plants, e.g. supply plant to a load from many different suppliers. That is to say, a small garden center or a contractor to procure a small quantity of plants from a very large production unit and reverse the producer to serve small orders. Also, the small unit offering will be served in the production of organized retailers.


The traded goods are displayed on a crisp picture with the corresponding description and price super wholesale.


Reading the price is reserved to professionals with a password and not disclosed to the individual user of the website.


The transactions are governed by the regulations cash & carry.


TerminalFlower.com aims to increase sales for suppliers and reduce the purchase cost for consumers. This is achieved by eliminating middlemen and sellers, competition from suppliers and reduce the burden of travel and movement as traders come into direct contact with a new and permanent form of communication.


TerminalFlower.com has organized the logistics that will significantly reduce the final cost of products. The TerminalFlower.com organized by experienced executives in the industry, and transaction security, quality control, accuracy of the parameters and the proper functioning of the system guarantees TANI LTD. Alongside the exhibition space of functions a permanent showroom with samples of all products traded.


TerminalFlower.com invites you to register :

• To find new avenues and markets for your products,

• To reduce cost and risk of your transaction,

• To informed daily on trends and market opportunities,

• To reduce the volume and maintenance costs in your warehouse,

• To expand your business horizons.



TANI, Thanos Vaiopoulos





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